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Why Dance

Posted by ekta rajpal

Why Dance
Why Dance

There are so many reasons - Why dance?

Dance is immense fun and excellent for the body and the mind. Dance is a good form of exercise not only it has a positive impact on physical health but also sharpens mind (one has to remember the dance steps, thus exercising the brain).

Here are the few reasons why dance is good for you:

Dance is a good exercise and makes you fit
Dance is a great way to be in shape. The regular exercise regime can be made interesting and fun filled with dance.

Lose weight
The great way to burn calories is to move your body and dancing is the best way to move your body. It all depends on you how long and vigorously you can dance. 250 to 400 calories can be bunt in an hour dance session.

Health Improvement
Dance can successfully encourage good health as it improves cardiovascular fitness, strengthens the muscles, increases circulation, and decreases blood pressure, lowers the risk of coronary heart disease, reduces stress, and many other positive benefits.

Team Work
Besides being performed in Solo, Dance is also performed in pairs and group. When performed in pair or group, it requires immense teamwork and coordination to present beautiful and harmonious dance.

Greater Coordination
Dance helps to learn to move with style, poise, and thus improves control over the body, timing and coordination.

Effective for bones and joints
Being a weight-bearing activity, Dance increases the bone density and helps in reducing the risk of osteoporosis

Confidence Building
By mastering a Dance style, ones confidence increases as it gives sense of success and achievement.

Meet new people
Dancing is a natural icebreaker and helps to meet and make new friends.

Stress Buster
Dance raises ones spirits and reduces stress and depression by increasing the endorphins or so called feel good chemicals.

Great mental exercise
One has to learn and memorize dance steps and thus dancing will keep your mind active.

Overall health
Dance has wonderful optimistic effect on both physical and psychological well-being.

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