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What is dance?

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Shiva as the Lord of Dance,Natraj,Natyaraj
Shiva,Nataraj,Natya raj
“Dance” brings a stream of emotions and expressions.
On being asked What is dance, one gets to know that the word “Dance” is synonym to stream of words. To someone dance is a stress relief where as it is passion to other. It is creative outlet for someone whereas it is emotional outlet for other. Some people express dance as freedom where as there are people who use Dance as a way of handling life.
The technical answer to the question "What is dance" would also fetch too many technical answers.
Dance is a kind of art that usually engages movement of the body, frequently rhythmic and to music. It is carried out in many traditions as a form of poignant expression, social communication, or exercise, in a pious or presentation setting, and is sometimes used to communicate ideas or narrate a story. Dance may also be considered as a type of nonverbal interaction between individuals or other animals, like in bee dances and behavior prototypes such as mating dances.
Dance is the expression of essence through lines of the body and chaste movement.
A dancer regularly dances for the love of the movement, for the expedition after physical excellence, putting in long rigid hours in order to become proficient.
The Essentials of Dance
Dance has its own content, language, abilities, and practices, which must be understood and applied to be skilled in the art. The essentials of dance are the introductory ideas and expressions for developing movement abilities as well as thoughtful of dance as an art. All these below listed essentials, all together, present a dance:
  • ·         Body
  • ·         Action
  • ·         Space
  • ·         Time
  • ·         Energy

Types of Dance
Different types of dance put emphasis on diverse movements and techniques. However, the diverse forms of dance may use special techniques and movements, there are definite leading rules which are common and must be followed in order to bring in benefits from dance, rather than bring in pain.
One can find dance in numerous styles and genres.
  • Interpretative / Explanatory Dance - African dance, Indian Dance like kathakali
  • Classical Dance - Ballet, Ballroom, Tango, Bharatanatyam
  • Step Dance - Square dance and electric slide
  • Street Dance – Break Dance
  • Folk Dance – Regional Dances
  • Modern Dance – Broadway, Jazz, Contemporary
Hope this article solved all you queries about What is dance?


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