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What is Classical Dance

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Classical Dance
Classical Dance
Do you want to know What is Classical Dance ?

Classical dance is a conventional dance revealing the emotions through poetry or dance drama. This form is portrayed by poise, dignity and precision of movement.  and by elaborate formal gestures, steps, and poses.

Classical dance is performed in theaters either in group or solo and is accompanied by musical instruments with beautiful costume. It conveys a story or theme through a musical composition written or used for this dance form.

Classical dance require composure but strong attitude. It bring calmness, harmony in life and at the same time make our body strong, active and in shape.

There are different styles and forms of Classical dance like Ballet, Ballroom, Tango, Bharatanatyam.


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  3. seriously ballet, ballroom r forms of classical dance????

  4. I appreciated you for that classical blogs ,really have a great knowledge about classical dance.

  5. Good and clear expression of classical dance.

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  7. Thanks I searched a lot but not found the exact definition ...
    Here some what the definition got..
    Can you tell me exact definition

    1. Ya this is the destination of classical dances but there is not correct deffinstion

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